Project Description

Amexon developed a patient management application for offices, clinics, hospitals, or research facility settings. With the system users can record, store, and analyze test data and communicate with other applications in a centralized environment; thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of paperwork.  The EMR system can be integrated with other hospital information systems, databases, third-party applications and make use of widely used secure healthcare industry data exchange protocols such as HL7 and DICOM.

The application, version 7, was ported from Microsoft .NET to Java and STRUTS in order to support hosting on Linux based servers.  A critical feature of version 7 was an integrated log viewer which used ElasticSearch and LogStash to aggregate the various messages from over 50 different components into an easy to understand console which allowed system administrators to ensure that system uptime met the MTTF (Mean time between failure) requirements of this critical system.