In an increasingly competitive industry, healthcare payers and providers have to effectively use technology to achieve an interconnected, streamlined, efficient, and consumer-focused environment.

Amoxon’s expertise lies in perfecting processes and skills that focus on a customer’s unique business needs. The software services functions leverage Amexon’s expertise in clearly defining customer’s business goals by choosing the most appropriate technology and developing solutions that make a perfect fit within the business workflow. Amexon’s mission strongly reflects the focused approach to healthcare application development that helps provide a much greater business value, patient safety, and workflow efficiency.

Healthcare Services Portfolio

Healthcare industry has been seeing exponential growth. In order to keep pace, medical software development is on the rise. We provide offshore software development services to large hospitals, medical device producers, hospital information system developers, and other clinical organizations.

Solutions that enable regulatory compliance

HIPAA security and privacy solutions : The basic principle of the HIPAA Rules is that a covered entity may use or disclose “protected health information” only if the individual who is the subject of the information consents or authorizes the use in writing, or as the Privacy Rules permit or require. The Rules require covered entities to adopt comprehensive policies and procedures to safeguard “protected health information” (PHI) and to inform, and preserve the rights of, the individuals who are the subjects of
this information.

HL7, CDISC SDTM, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and others

Enforce corporate compliance policies

Monitor all access to regulated information

Solutions Experience :

  • Security and privacy solution implementation
  • End-to-end security architecture

Solutions that help promote patient safety

Improve quality of patient care

Promote efficient workflow

Solutions Experience :

  • Electronic Patient Records – a digitized compilation of all clinical and administrative information relating to the care of a single patient.
  • Point-of-care data entry
  • Patient Access to medical records
  • Patient scheduling
  • Patient Health Assessment Tools
  • Integration and remote access
  • Expert Information Systems
  • Clinical decision support systems
  • Patient monitoring systems

Solutions specific for payers (Insurance Companies, HMOs)

Reduce costs, drive productivity, streamline business processes

Engage the consumer while maintaining customer service levels.

Solutions Experience :

  • Claims processing and Administration
  • E-health Application Development
  • Enterprise Applications like Data warehousing, CRM, Business Process Management Implementations etc.

Solutions specific for life sciences Organizations (Pharma, Clinical Trials)

Reduce time to market

Streamline new drug/product Development

Improve Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

Solution Experience :

  • Drug Development Solutions
  • Clinical Trial Data management
  • CRM/Sales Force Solutions

Technology Solutions

Migration of legacy applications to latest technology frameworks like Microsoft .NET and Sun J2EE

Custom Software Development

e-Commerce Development

Intranet Development

Major differentiators distinguish Amexon from the rest of the software product development vendors are:

  • 1. In-depth study and knowledge of healthcare industry
  • 2. High-end technology skills in major technology platform
  • 3. Outsourcing business model having offshore component for cost saving
  • 4. Project management excellence
  • 5. Access to domain expertise

Amexon has implemented solutions for following segments in Pharmaceutical industry:

Bulk drug manufacturing companies

OTC and research drugs distribution companies

Biotech research organizations

In the healthcare domain expertise areas covered are including following but not limited to:

Customized ERP Implementation systems

Hospital Information management

Sales force automation

Customer Relationship Management

Medical Representatives e-reporting systems

HIPAA compliant medical information exchanging application servers.

HIPAA compliant patient and insurance information web-services and X12, XML protocol implementation

Web applications, portals for online presence and online sale

Pocket PC based Doctor Schedule reminder applications

Content management/ Knowledge management/ Document library store management applications

Newsletters services for the communities for health-care related articles and news updates

Healthcare unit’s patient’s feedback management systems, Surveying systems

Drugs manufacturing process management application

Test results recording and Quality Assurance software

Pocket PC based Point of care Solutions

Solutions for Life Science Industry are:

Reduce time of Clinical Trial Process

Create Database that helps in further analytics

Point of care Solutions

Helps meet FDA regulations like 21 CFR Part 11

Enhanced accuracy of data and data transfer across various departments

Solutions using cutting edge mobile technologies for data transfer and synchronization like bluetooth

Increase in overall efficiency of the applications