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Mobile Development

Mobile Enterprise Solutions

The changing business dynamics forces businesses to respond to the market changes and customer requirements more rapidly.

As the market demands quick response it has become compelling for organization to take strategic mobile initiatives aimed at increasing organization’s productivity and responsiveness. Amexon’s experience in building enterprise mobile solutions helps organizations worldwide to bring flexibility in their business through enabling remote access to business applications by utilizing mobile devices.

Amexon has worked in mobile based workflow solutions, business intelligence and analytics, intranet portal access, customer care and ecommerce solutions. Amexon’s mobile development team works in close collaboration with corporations to create a strategic and scalable mobile solution that reflects the requirements of any enterprise.

Mobile Consulting Services

The success of organization’s mobile initiatives depends on implementation of mobile workflow that is correlated to efficient business process practices.

Amexon delivers the deep knowledge of building mobile solutions for its customers across the globe. With its high quality mobile consulting services Amexon can provide organizations with understanding of their business needs translated into enterprise mobile solutions, mobile applications or mobile as access point for other applications.

Amexon’s experience in design and delivery of innovative mobile strategies through understanding specific business needs provides corporate clients with ability to transition to mobile business workflow faster and in more efficient manner. With strong experience and building mobile applications, Amexon has gained expertise in the various mobile operating systems and approaches. While delivering its consulting services it combines its technology understanding along with its exploratory research techniques to offer the best possible solutions.

Amexon offers flexible engagement models for its mobile consulting services. Its mobile experts in the area of iOS, Android, Blackberry, J2ME and Windows 7 along with UI and usability analysis map organizational requirements with proposed solution that brings out optimal solution for organization to proceed with. By strategically partnering with Amexon for mobile solutions organizations can bring innovative and quality mobile applications to the market much faster in cost effective way