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Federal Pardon Waiver Services

Website Design and Federal Pardon Waiver Services

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The assistance that helps people get back on track.

Federal Pardons & Waiver Services is a premier waiver and pardon service having experience of over two decades securing pardons for its customers. It has helped many people eradicating their past criminal record because good people sometimes make bad decisions and it is very important to get them back on track to begin a new chapter in life. This company is well known for providing knowledge and experience which is necessary to remove the criminal record history. Many services and benefits are provided by this high esteemed pardon service company.

They can help their clients get the US waiver without which most people can’t live or start a business in US. It deletes your past police files, discharges you and verifies your eligibility. Additionally, a live chat helps people get responses to their queries.

Designed with ease of use in mind

Amexon Technologies helped Federal Pardon & Waiver Services to help reach potential customers looking for a pardon or US waiver. Potential customers can reach out to their support team and the process of facts and documents evaluation starts and the customers are quickly able to find their best options.

The customer care team helps them with:

  • Obtaining all of the necessary information from the RCMP, Courts and Police
  • Having the knowledge and expertise to help client with a successful pardons Canada application
  • Researching the case and performing any necessary reviews
  • Booking appointments for fingerprinting
  • Performing police checks
  • Checking the RCMP record
  • Handling any postage that is required

Designed on a robust & scalable foundation

Selecting a platform for a scalable website is always a tough choice. This is why we selected WordPress because of its versatility and scalability prospects.

The website was designed with mobile friendly layout in mind so that users on mobile phones and tablets can connect with the Federal Waiver & Pardon services website in the most convenient ways possible.

A video on home page explains the process very well and often proves to be a great first step in the customer journey.

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