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What is CRM?

CRM means Customer Relations Management. A CRM is a technology that improves and manages the interaction between you and your customers. This is a tool that will simplify and automate the business process so you can do more important matters with your time.

Why implement a CRM solution?

Implementing a CRM solution will help an organization optimize its operating process while making the most out of customer relationships. When you have a centralized CRM system in your business, you won’t have to worry about losing any customer information or dealing with in-house competition against 2 salespeople going after the same client.  

Who benefits from CRM?

Why is CRM so popular and who benefits from using it? You might be shocked but CRM systems can be used both by small business or big industry leaders. This is how powerful CRM is because it can cater to any business.

— Small businesses looking to grow.

The great thing about CRM is that it helps small businesses grow by creating an automated business process. How does this help? Instead of your employees manually keeping track of customer information, sales leads, and marketing, CRM does everything automatically.

— Industry leaders wanting large-scale solutions.

Due to the fact that CRM automates the business process, big industries that want a large-scale solution for their business will gain from using CRM tools. It simplifies even the most complex customer engagement. 

Why custom CRMs are a better solution

Not all businesses operate in the same way. Their goal of making a maximum profit might be the same but the way they handle and manage their business is different this is why custom CRMs are a better solution. 

Businesses can choose a stand-alone application intended for a specific part of the business, or use powerful CRM tools that can integrate and work as one big unit.

Marketing: Improve your customers’ journey

When it comes to marketing, CRM can allow any business to improve multichannel campaigns, narrow market niches, better market analysis, using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to guide business decisions and reduce operating costs by taking advantage of the Microsoft cloud platform.

And best of all, because CRM has the ability to personalize the customer experience, it improves customer experience. 

Sales: Empower sellers to drive personal engagement with customers

We all know how the process of selling can be exhausting. With CRM, the sales force can focus on doing a better job at understanding customer needs, engaging more effectively, and winning more deals because of sales automation.

— Grow business

Imagine not having to worry about getting quality leads from different sources. That’s how remarkable a CRM system is, it allows businesses to grow more with minimal effort. It can identify leading indicators for the future by measuring the past activities.

— Stay focused

When everything is already in place, all the nitty-gritty are being taken care of, then you can focus your attention on finding quality prospects and customers and knowing the next best action to move customer relationships forward.

— Win faster

The best thing about CRM? You can work anytime, anywhere! 

Customer Service: Effortless service through any channel

Still, worrying about not being able to service your customers properly? With a CRM tool, you’re sure to deliver quick and accurate resolution every time. You’ll have a guided, intelligent service and support on any channel.

— Improve engagement

With multi-channel service options, a business can let its customers connect quickly and conveniently. AIs are even made available for simple tasks like answering basic questions so your agents are made available for high-value interactions. 

— Personalize your service

Cross-selling might be at the bottom of the list but it is as important as selling to new customers. This way, you’re able to maintain customer loyalty since the customer information stored in your CRM system can be used again for future sales. Your clients will appreciate personalized customer service.

— Streamline your customer service

What better way to improve business than by getting customer feedback, and social forums. Businesses nowadays rely as much on word-of-mouth just as they would on their ads. This way, you’re able to pinpoint which part of the service or product needs improvement just by the feedback of customers.

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    Our CRM Development Process


    The first step is to setup up a friendly, in-person meeting. When we meet we tend to get answers to all questions we have about your business and we are happy to answer all the questions you have to ensure we build the initial understanding to ensure we’re on the same page as you. This includes all the initial questions we have about your business and we get to understand your brand values to create a custom designed CRM that positions your business in a way that your customers see it as a solution to their needs when getting in touch with you and your products.


    The second step is planning the business flow. We like to dig deeper to understand your target audience and the solutions we can deliver to address their needs. We draw flow charts and capture the entire process including use-cases where everything starts to evolve while we draw interfaces that are designed for better engagement. There is usually a bit of back and forth in this process as we design interfaces and incorporate all of your team’s feedback into those designs to ensure they meet and exceed your team’s expectations and test them for over a dozen scenarios depending on use-cases.


    The third step after business flow design is the Execution Process. This is the process where your CRM is built step by step and modules are developed independently of each other first and then integrated together to ensure seamless flow of information. Every single interface developed ensures end-to-end seamless flow of data and availability of reporting at several levels. The desired outcomes and every dot and pixel is designed for perfection to increase customer engagement.


    Once everything is ready to go live, we import your legacy data into our custom coded CRM and test it with real data provided by you. This is the most critical part as there’s a lot of information available with you in various formats and we ensure that it converts into a singular format and stored optimally into your new database to ensure quick retrieval for efficient functioning of your business. We provide training to your team and provide on-going support for pre-determined time to make your business easier to conduct.

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