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Federal Pardon Waiver Services CRM

Custom CRM Development for Federal Pardon Waiver Services

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FPWS (Federal Pardon Waiver Services) is the leading providers of pardon, waiver, and expungement of a criminal conviction in Canada and the USA. What FPWS does is remove any past criminal conviction from all public files.

A lot of people think that once they get convictions and get marks of criminal record, it’s over for them, and their life would not be the same anymore. Finding a good job, being able to travel freely, getting public documents, volunteering in organizations and so much more might seem impossible to get with a criminal record, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

This is why FPWS exists to help people with marks get their life back. But because handling cases like this can be a handful with all the information needed, handling it manually can be time-consuming and stressful. This is why CRM System was created for FPWS to help them automate the process making their work easier.

A Speedy Way to Get Information with Amexon’s Custom Built CRM

Amexon Technologies created a CRM solution for FPWS to automate their operations as much as possible since there is a lot of document management, different legal procedures, and protocols.

When a client submits a form on the website or informs the office of the application, this becomes a new lead for Record Suspension. All the information that the client provides goes into the Lead section of the CRM system. Now before any decision is made. This information goes through a lot of processes first making sure that all the information provided is true and correct.

Once verified, Additional information is collected from the client and recorded into the file including the number of convictions, charges filed, courts his cases were present, dates of charges, and the outcome of the charges.

After the client agrees to proceed with the recommended service (pardon, waiver or removal) and all required preliminary data is collected, the lead is converted to “order”. At this point, a unique client or file ID is issued. The CRM system then automatically generates a PDF file to be sent out to respective departments to release all of the client’s information.

Now imagine if the CRM system did not exist. It would take weeks for a department to finish manually inputting all the information, search for existing files of the client, and gather all necessary data just for 1 client, how much more if they get a lot of clients in a day. It’d be a nightmare. This is why the CRM system works best for everyone, it’s a speedy way of getting information.

Users Don’t Have to Worry About the Nitty-Gritty of CRM Systems

The beauty of Amexon Technologies CRM system is that anyone from the company has access to files and information from any client. Although this may seem like a perk that anyone can take advantage of, there is always a limit to this kind of privilege. Because CRM has quite complicated users, they created a system that limits the access of individual users. It uses a permission structure since different staff levels should not be able to see all of the information due to the personal privacy of the clients.

They have different roles of users: Accountant, Admin clerk, Agent, Agent Assistant, Marketing Manager, Roles Manager, Supervisor, and Admin. The total number of active CRM users are about 160 people.

The CRM system is managing thousands of leads coming in monthly and a lot more orders being in process at the same time. This system allows the employees to be able to work efficiently and focus on the end goal which is to make sure that the lead is converted into an order in the shortest possible time. Time is of the essence.

Let Amexon Technologies’ CRM system Take the Stress Away

You know that managing organizations, how big or small it may be, can be challenging especially when it comes to working with client information. This is the reason why you should consider getting a CRM system with Amexon Technologies. They custom build codes to tailor-fit what your system needs, from getting the necessary information to securely storing files, so you can focus more on completing the process instead of worrying about small details.

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