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A-Protect CRM

Custom CRM Development for A-Protect Warranty Corporation

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A-Protect Warranty Corporation is one of Canada’s leading extended auto warranty provider dealing with a great number of clients all across Canada. With the growing number of customers every day, managing clients on a large scale can be challenging, this is why A-Protect Warranty has partnered with Amexon Technologies.

Amexon Technologies develops a custom-built CRM to meet and exceed the needs of customers, dealers, and large-scale organizations to ensure a smooth workflow for everyone. Think of it as having your butler that caters to all your needs so you can focus more on important things. The custom features that Amexon Technologies’ CRM offers, perfectly cater to how the company handles and manages the business.

Why Amexon’s custom built CRM was the best decision?

A-Protect Warranty Corporation manages about 600 auto dealers and each dealer caters to a long list of clients. With this in mind, dealers can’t avoid catering to the same client. This is where Amexon Technologies’ CRM comes in handy. When the CRM system is centralized, A-Protect doesn’t have to worry about losing any client information because all the detailed personal data of the client is stored safely in the CRM system and is accessible anytime.

Let’s simply put it this way, upon purchasing a car or motorcycle, the customers are offered the privilege to purchase an extended auto warranty from A-Protect. When the customer purchases a warranty, the dealers use their Dealer Panel access to the CRM and create a warranty application or GAP coverage application. Instead of going through the grueling process of manually inputting data to a new application from an existing client, CRM already has the client information stored in one place. Because of Amexon Technologies, dealers can focus more on creating customer loyalty and getting new clients.

Dealers are Provided an Efficient Way to Connect With Customers

It’s a known fact that managing clients’ day in and day out can be stressful. The best thing about Amexon’s CRM is that it makes the work of dealers easier and more efficient. With Amexon’s CRM, dealers can shift their focus from trying to get every single detail from an existing client to offering more products and services to them. Here are a few features available to dealers:

1) View all applications & create new applications
2) View invoices & submit payments
3) View & create GAP applications
4) View & manage users and their access level

A Better Way For Admins to Effectively Manage Internal and External Relationships

As one of Canada’s leading extended auto warranty provider, handling 600 auto dealers with several clients can be demanding. To make the admin’s work easier, Amexon Technologies designed a customized system that created an avenue for A-Protect to gain a vastly superior understanding of lead sources and determine the best performing sections through custom reporting. Listed below are the upgrades that Amexon designed for A-Protect Warranty Corporation.

1) View applications created by dealers, edit/upgrade, and activate applications
2) Manage dealers and define access levels
3) Manage claims related to warranty applications.
4) Manage invoices for dealers and process payments for invoices using:
a) Moneris credit & debit payment processing
b) Offline payments via cheques, e-transfers, or wire payments.
5) Add/edit repair shops and work orders to fix car claimed issues covered by the warranties
6) Manage leads (car owners who are interested in getting a car warranty directly from A-Protect, not through the dealer)
7) Manage warranty packages and terms of coverage
8) Manage user permissions
9) Create landing pages & track conversions
10) Identify the exact channel responsible for conversions.
11) View reports
12) Create leads and assign them to the sales team
13) Built-in E-Marketing & Response Automation: Automated & Manual mailing notifications implemented (sending invoices to the dealers, activation reminders to warranty holders, news and announcements mailing..etc).
14) Leads / Applications have general and department-specific comments functionality as well as the ability to attach and manage documents related to this lead/application.

Give Your Business The Proper CRM It Needs

Managing a large-scale organization is not a walk in the park, it demands a lot of attention and effort to make it run smoothly. With the Amexon Technologies custom coded CRM system, you’ll be ensured that every step of client interaction is efficient and effortless. With the help of the software, the operating process is automated and optimized to capitalize on better customer relationships and overall profits.

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